Why Precast

Why Precast?

Financial Savings, Durability & Low Upkeep


Precast, prestressed concrete can be erected quickly, thus reducing time exposure on the job. This savings on project financing provides a more rapid return on investments.

Precast, prestressed concrete combats corrosion without the use of costly chemical additives or reinforcing steel treatments.

Precast, prestressed structures retain their appearance for years. When it is time to maintain the look of the structure, costs are low.

Evaluate, Recommend, Design and Build

Con-Fab has provided innovative and cost-saving solutions for more than a thousand projects. With its in-house professionals, who have 30 to 40 years of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, on-site erection and post-tensioning, Con-Fab can offer a complete design-build package to meet the challenges and obstacles of any project.

Whether the need is for a full precast design or a hybrid scheme, utilizing cast-in-place and post-tensioning, Con-Fab will always provide an honest, intelligent solution while keeping cost a top priority.

Con-Fab partners with the following forming companies for hybrid precast projects:

Peck and Hiller
McClone Construction

Contact Con-Fab’s engineering team for more information about the benfits of precast and to discuss how we can save you time and money on your next project.

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