Commercial Building Products

Con-Fab has designed, manufactured and erected commercial structures ranging from parking garages and schools to high-rise office buildings and multiplex theaters.

We design exterior wall panel systems for schools and office buildings that incorporate architectural features, and we develop flooring systems for apartments, lofts, schools and office buildings. Con-Fab also can design and manufacture long-span Vierendel trusses for gymnasiums, warehouses and any other structure that requires clear spans up to 120 feet.

If you’re interested in how Con-Fab can design, manufacture and install precast systems for your apartment, loft, school, office building or warehouse project, please contact our engineering department at engineering(at)confabca(dot)com.

  • Double-Tees
  • Inverted Tee Beams
  • Spandrels
  • Hawaiian I-Beams
  • Rectangular Beams
  • Transfer Girders
  • Floor Slabs
  • Columns
  • Walls (Con-Wall)

See the following Case Studies utilizing Flooring System Components:

  • Cache Creek Casino Parking Garage
  • Underhill Parking Garage
  • Makiki Regent
  • Paramount Farms
  • Gallo MSC Building

See the following Case Studies utilizing Vertical Components:

  • Stockton 16-Screen Theater