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Con-Fab California, LLC is a manufacturer of structural precast, prestressed concrete located in Lathrop, California. A privately held company, Con-Fab was founded in 1976 in Hawaii, and expanded to California in 1984. Con-Fab has furnished the components for and has erected numerous structures throughout California, Hawaii and the Pacific Basin.


Con-Fab manufactures precast components for bridges, both public and private; industrial and commercial buildings; parking structures; theaters; commercial wine cellars and underground cold storage; and office and apartment buildings.Con-Fab California opened in San Jose in 1984. In 1985, Con-Fab moved to a 20 acre facility in Lathrop.

Project: Cannery Row

Location: Monterey, California

Type: Platform over the sea

Size: Approximately 13,200 square feet

Erection Time: Two weeks


Con-Fab California Corporation strives to design, manufacture and install superior-quality, competitively priced precast structures in a timely and cost-effective manner. We take pride in our design excellence, manufacturing efficiency, extraordinary client service, and long-standing customer and vendor relations, and we are always working to raise the standard in each of these areas of service.

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Whether it’s bridge girders, flooring systems or wall panels. Con-Fab has built a reputation for high-quality products and innovative designs. By working in partnership with contractors, project managers and engineers, we can assure success on your project.